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And I think his happiness can only mean good things for his sons and for the country.”This month the pair will make their first trip to the United States together, on a 10-day tour of Washington, New York, and San Francisco, which includes a rare black-tie dinner at the Bush White House, a visit to Ground Zero, and the 11,800th performance of the camp musical When I heard about the trip, I requested a meeting with Prince Charles’s communications secretary, Paddy Harverson, at Clarence House to see if I could do the first authorized profile of the Duchess.I was well aware that Camilla had sworn to go to her grave without ever having given an interview.While the photographers snap away, she takes a careful bite from a cheddar-cheese twist at the Swaledale Cheese stand, then moves on to the Broom Mill Farm stand (award-winning bacon & specialty sausages), where she samples a piece of sausage as delicately as possible. ” “Well, Prince Charles is organic, isn’t he, ma’am?

The initially sedate crowd is now quite enthusiastic and has to be gently held back by the police as white-haired ladies and middle-aged mothers thrust out their hands to be shaken and plead, “Your Highnesses, over here, please!

” Everyone seems to be having a good time, not least the principals and their Clarence House handlers, who have done their advance work effectively.

Along with three or four thousand residents of Richmond, North Yorkshire, I am standing in the town square awaiting the arrival of the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, who are spending one of their typical working days helping the town celebrate the 850th anniversary of its first market charter.

It’s a bright mid-September afternoon, the slate-roofed shops around the square sport window boxes bursting with pink and white geraniums, and a special farmers’ market has been set up in the square itself, with stands selling everything from fresh-killed partridge to handcrafted organic soap.

But since I have been a friend of her brother, the dashing adventurer and author Mark Shand, for years, I thought that if I could have access to her close friends and family—none of the friends I talked to had ever uttered a word on the record about her to the press—I might be able to discover what this brutally criticized and largely unknown figure was all about.